• The safe

    Mission 1

  • The email box

    Mission 2

  • Downloads

    Mission 3

  • Smart objects

    Mission 4

  • Removable devices

    Mission 5

  • Sensitive data

    Mission 6

  • Privileged Access Management

    Mission 7

  • Locking your workstation

    Mission 8

  • Http connected to public wifi

    Mission 9

  • Phishing emails

    Mission 10

  • System updates & antivirus

    Mission 11

  • Ransomwares

    Mission 12

  • Communicating your login

    Mission 13

  • The use of passwords

    Mission 14

  • The risks of spying

    Mission 15

  • Analysis of a phishing email

    Mission 16


After the completion of each mission, you’ll receive a recap memo with the good practices you’ve learnt. Transfer it to your professional inbox.


You’ll find all the objects you’ve collected during the different missions to progress in the serious game.

Discovery mission

Discover the characters and the functionalities of the game.

The safe

How to create a strong password.

The email box

How to react to a phishing email.


How to check the source of downloadable files.

Smart objects

How to change default passwords on smart objects.

Removable devices

Discover the notions of availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Sensitive data

Back up your sensitive data safely.

Privileged Access Management

Don’t connect production machines to Internet. Restrict admin privileges to the strict necessary.

Locking your workstation

Revise the terms integrity - availability - confidentiality.

Http connected to public wifi

Difference between HTTPS and HTTP.

Phishing emails

Learn how to identify a phishing email with 9 key verifications.

System updates & antivirus

Understand the importance of having your system, applications and antivirus up to date.


React - Recover your data with backups Check the third party devices.

Communicating your login

Check the identity, learn how to send information through a different channel.

The use of passwords

Put into practice the use of strong and different password.

The risks of spying

Recognise the types of spying behaviour (moments, places).

Analysis of a phishing email

Put into practice the check-list of the 9 key verifications to check an email.

Other missions

  • Video conferences

    Learn how to be vigilant, especially with webcams - Jan 2021

  • Fake President Fraud

    Raising users’ awareness on this threat - Feb 2021

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