Shirudo, gaming to foil the traps of cyberspace!

The digital era of this decade has radically changed our society environment. Our organizations incur a high risk of cyberattacks related to the use of the cloud, system interconnectivity, business digitization and the use of personal devices in the professional sphere.

The risk of cyberattack, identified by the management committees, IT Departments and HR, is often not resolved for want of appropriate, adaptable and affordable solutions.

SHIRUDO is a variable-configuration, multilingual serious game. It proposes a very amusing personalized approach. By carrying out missions the personnel will learn how to foil the traps set by attackers and react appropriately.

SHIRUDO is innovative in its ease in getting started, the variety of missions, the challenges proposed and reports for decision-makers. The users become IT security actors, an indispensable complement to technical protection systems.

User motivation

User motivation

  • Immersive training.
  • Fun to learn through sessions lasting 2 to 10 min.
  • Realistic graphic environment.

Enhancing knowledge

Enhancing knowledge

  • Regular new missions to learn about new threats and maintain the right reactions.

Adaptable accessibility

Adaptable accessibility

  • General-public content for a sound common base of knowledge.
  • Responsive format for mobility use.
  • Multilingual solution.

Management Portal

Management Portal

  • Reports to monitor and validate the skills acquired.
  • Personalization of the solution to your security policy.

  • Shirudo, the serious game
  • Test the serious game, you will adopt it!
  • Constantly evolving content
  • Your adapted solution
  • Measure progress

Shirudo, the serious game

  • Clear and realistic design
  • Micro-training approach
  • Multilingual & multi-device
  • Regular new contents
  • Highly varied themes
  • Inclusion of your security rules
  • Personalization for your company

Test the serious game, you will adopt it!

  • Immersive training
  • Clear and realistic design
  • Multi-device
  • Challenges
  • Multilingual (English, French, Deutsch, Spanish)

Constantly evolving content

  • Phishing
  • Internet
  • Downloads
  • Malware
  • Authentication

Your adapted solution

  • Simple copies
  • Multi-platform
  • M-learning
  • Regular micro-training sessions
  • Adapts to your security rules
  • SSO SAML Azure AD / Google

Measure progress

  • Unique management portal
  • Progress monitoring
  • Adaptable reporting & LMS
  • Create your challenges
  • Produce your evidence
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The actors speak about it

Currently in tests with our teams for use on a European scale, we enjoy the ease and speed of handling Shirudo as well as the possibility of setting our own IT security rules in the game. Relevant and playful, the app offers to all of our employees quick and easy access to all awareness-raising content.

Jean-Marc Varnet

IT Director Europe

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