Shirudo, prepare your users for cyber risks!

In cybersecurity, defense is far more complex than offense.

When you attack, one success is enough. When you defend, you must always succeed!

Another truth is that it is often easier to succeed in an attack by targeting the user than the technical solution.

Also, faced with the exponential increase in cyber attacks, it is now essential, for any type of organization, to raise awareness and train its employees.

Issue at the crossroads of IT and Human Resources, we have developed an alternative and innovative approach: SHIRUDO CyberSecurity Awareness As A Service (CAaaS).

The principle? 1 set of managed services and 3 solutions that you can assemble as you wish:

by gaming

Assess the

Promote the



Playful, our customizable serious game is based on a structured teaching approach.


Through numerous missions, users learn to avoid the traps of attackers and to acquire the right reflexes.



The fake phishing simulation platform  to test your collaborators in real conditions.


In just a few clicks, you can create your own campaign for your users and monitor their reactions live!



With our communication pack, have a set of resources to promote cybersecurity.


Among the media included: emails, posters, wallpapers, trainer kit, etc.

  • Shirudo SG, the serious game
  • Measure progress
  • Test the serious game, you will adopt it!
  • Constantly evolving content

Shirudo SG, the serious game

  • Micro-session training
  • Progressive teaching approach
  • Regular new contents
  • Several difficulty levels
  • Multilingual & multi-device

Measure progress

  • Monitoring the progress of your awareness campaigns
  • Identification of skills acquisition
  • Manage and schedule your own reports
  • Available interface with your LMS

Test the serious game, you will adopt it!

  • A disruptive approach to e-learning
  • A solution quick and easy to deploy
  • Clear and realistic design
  • Numerous content customization options

Constantly evolving content

  • Phishing
  • Internet
  • Downloads
  • Malware
  • Authentication
  • Nomadism
  • Data protection...
  • Shirudo PS, the simulation platform
  • Adjust the awareness purpose of your campaign
  • Assess the user's reflex in real time

Shirudo PS, the simulation platform

  • Carry out your phishing campaigns in few clicks 
  • Choose your multilingual predefined template
  • or customize it  
  • or create your own template
  • Schedule your campaign

Adjust the awareness purpose of your campaign

  • Redirect the users to the content of your choice
  • Customized awareness page
  • Training module
  • Warning
  • ...

Assess the user's reflex in real time

  • Monitor the campaigns progress
  • Assess the maturity level of your users
  • Identify the risky behaviours
  • Generate and schedule your reports sending
  • Shirudo CT, boosting employee commitment
  • Images and screensavers
  • Posters

Shirudo CT, boosting employee commitment

  • Liven up your sites during awareness campaigns
  • Put cybersecurity at the center of your internal communications
  • Highlight special events
  • A wide choice of on- and off-line media

Images and screensavers

  • Screensavers to your specifications
  • Customizable messages  
  • A wide choice of in-game visuals
  • Formats adapted to your screen park


  • A range of posters for each mission
  • Key awareness-raising messages
  • Adaptable to your graphic charter
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The actors speak about it

Currently in tests with our teams for use on a European scale, we enjoy the ease and speed of handling Shirudo as well as the possibility of setting our own IT security rules in the game. Relevant and playful, the app offers to all of our employees quick and easy access to all awareness-raising content.

Jean-Marc Varnet

IT Director Europe

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