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Currently in tests with our teams for use on a European scale, we enjoy the ease and speed of handling Shirudo as well as the possibility of setting our own IT security rules in the game. Relevant and playful, the app offers to all of our employees quick and easy access to all awareness-raising content.

Jean-Marc Varnet

IT Director Europe

At a first glance rather resistant to the idea of playing, I have to admit I was impressed by the user-friendly way with which one enters the game. As a result, how we learn and especially record various information and advice! I sincerely think this is one of the most effective methods to train in cybersecurity.

Jean-François Jung

CEO Clent Group – Imebio – Climatic

Intuitive, fluid and with a language suitable for non-computer specialists, the contents of this serious game are relevant and useful both in professional and personal life!

Alexiane Gay

Chemistry student

A truly immersive solution with a scenario and user-friendly interface that encourages progress in the game. The acquisition of knowledge in cybersecurity is undoubtedly facilitated. The very neat graphic environment makes the experience very pleasant, keenly the next missions!


Sales & administrative assistant

Excellent solution for raising employee awareness of cyber security. This Saas solution allows a very easy access to the training modules whether on desktop or mobile.

Hervé Favre


Micro-training session in format and make the speech lively and attractive experience. I learned a lot and discovered throughout this course in this futuristic world but very realistic!

Laëtitia Gay

Manager of a company restaurant

A Serious Game that you can easily become familiar with and use in an environment that is amusing while being based on realistic situations faced in companies every day.

Philippe Letertre


Intuitive and easy-to-use serious game, developed in a playful environment and based on companies’ everyday situations.

Lionel Gillet

Responsable Facilities

Shirudo by Sokien

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