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SOKIEN BY GREEN IT ADDICT (hereinafter SOKIEN), agrees to fulfil all the obligations incumbent upon it under the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data, and in particular:

SOKIEN undertakes to allow for the protection of personal data as of the design stage of its products and services.

The present privacy policy sets out the principles and guidelines concerning the protection of personal data and the rights of the persons concerned.


Personal data are collected on the website by SOKIEN, a limited liability company (“société à responsabilité limitée”) whose head office is situated 155-157 Cours Berriat, Centre d’Affaires REGUS – 38028 Grenoble Cedex (France), registered in the Grenoble Corporate and Trade Register under No. 531 400 125. The company has a registered capital of €13,000.

SOKIEN is in charge of processing the data collected on the website.

For any questions relating to the management and use made of your personal data, you can contact SOKIEN at the following email address:


The persons concerned by the processing are, in particular, the users of the website, and customers and prospective customers.

Time of collection:

The personal data are collected notably at the following times: 

The compulsory or optional nature of the data is indicated at the time of collection by an asterisk. Some data are collected automatically during your actions on the website.


The data that may be collected are:


The various data may be collected for explicit, legitimate and defined purposes to enable:


SOKIEN collects personal data on the basis of:


SOKIEN has adopted technical measures (a firewall) and organizational measures (identifiers and passwords, physical protective measures, etc.), notably to ensure privacy and data integrity. 

Data concerning bank credit cards when placing an order are protected by an encryption technology ensuring transaction security.


Personal data are disclosed only to specified authorized recipients.

These recipients may have access to the data only to the extent needed to accomplish the purposes described above.

The recipients may be:


SOKIEN may use subcontractors for processing personal data, notably for website hosting and maintenance. SOKIEN agrees to sign a written agreement with each of its subcontractors complying with the obligations regarding personal data. 

SOKIEN agrees to use only subcontractors that are: 

The list of subcontractors will be made available to website users, customers and prospective customers upon a written request. 


Personal data are stored in active databases, log files or other types of files, for the length of time needed for supply of the products and services.

They may be retained after this relationship, notably for us to comply with the applicable regulations, assert our rights or defend our interests.

The data may be archived for a longer period for the management of claims and/or disputes, to comply with regulatory obligations, or to meet the demands of duly authorized legal or administrative authorities.

Regarding customers, depending on their nature and the applicable legislation, the data may be archived for up to 10 years after the end of the relationship or the project.

Data concerning prospective customers may be retained for a period of three years after data collection or the last contact with said prospective customers.

In the case of cookies, the data are retained for a period of thirteen months after first being placed on the website user’s computer.

When personal data are collected for several purposes, they are retained until the end of the retention or archiving period, whichever is longer.


For certain specific services and for strictly regulated purposes, personal data may be transferred to a country located outside the European Union. They are protected by the existence of an adequacy decision issued by the European Commission which recognizes an adequate level of protection in the receiving country.

If the level of protection has not been recognized as equivalent by the European Commission, SOKIEN undertakes to put in place standard contractual provisions approved by the European Commission.


Regarding the collection and processing of their personal data, the persons concerned shall have rights which may be exercised under the conditions laid down by the regulations in force, namely:

  1. The right to be informed in an understandable, easily available manner concerning the data processing operations that are carried out.

All requests should be:

SOKIEN undertakes to reply to any request for exercise of the rights of the persons concerned as soon as possible, and always in accordance with the legal provisions.


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Version 4 – Last revised March 11, 2024

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