New features to enhance your journey!


In our last release of Shirudo, you will find two highly awaited features:

1- You can now memorize your identifiers to speed up your connection to the game;

2- You can change the speed of execution of automatic sequences.

Enjoy and welcome to the world of Shirudo!

Because a team challenge is always more stimulating, we developed a new feature: it allows you to create groups of users who will have to play against each other in order to get the best score in Shirudo.
So, ready to beat the other team?

Train your troop and your co-workers will easily spot Phishing e-mails.

Many executive committees have identified cybersecurity as one of the top risks facing their companies. 
What about you? Have you undertaken a risk analysis and trained your staff on the main cyber risks you could be facing?

Source: Visual Capitalist

Have you ever been tricked by a tempting offer while looking for a job? Don’t be fooled again! Our latest assignment on fake job offer fraud will make it easy for you to spot the telltale signs of deception.

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Shirudo by Sokien

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